Ashley Fiolek Wins X Games Gold And Makes History

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Samsung Accuses Lg Execs Of Damaging Its Products – Yahoo News

has accused senior executives from rival LG Electronics Inc. of vandalizing its washing machines at stores in Germany earlier this month and has asked for an official investigation. In a statement Sunday, Samsung said it had asked the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to investigate executives from a South Korean company who were seen damaging Samsung washing machines displayed at shopping malls in Berlin. A Samsung spokesman confirmed that the Korean company referred to was LG. “The people in question have been implicated in deliberately destroying Samsung washing machines displayed at retail stores in Berlin, Germany,” Samsung’s statement said. One of the incidents that will come under investigation took place a day ahead of the IFA electronics trade show held in Berlin from Sep. 4-9. LG Electronics denied Samsung’s claim. It said in a statement that that some of its executives and staff, including a president, had visited a Berlin store and looked at various products, but it is common for its employees to examine rival company’s products abroad. “If our company had an intention to destroy products of a certain company to tarnish the image of the product, it would be commonsensical to not have our executives to directly carry out such acts,” LG’s statement said. LG said the washing machine model in question had weak hinges, but it did not say whether its executives had damaged the products.

64-bit Mips Warrior Core Will Change The Game For Cpus From Mobile Devices To Datacenter Servers – Yahoo Finance

The simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) technology in the I6400, which builds on the aplikasi video call decades of combined multi-threading expertise in the MIPS and Imagination engineering teams, enables execution of multiple instructions from multiple threads every clock cycle. Preliminary benchmarking shows that adding a second thread leads to performance increases of 40-50% on popular industry benchmarks including SPECint and EEMBC’s CoreMark, with less than a 10% cluster area increase. Real-world applications such as browsers can also take significant advantage of multi-threading. Hardware virtualization: The I6400 joins the entire range of MIPS Warrior cores in incorporating hardware virtualization technology, providing increased security and reliability, and enabling a unified security and virtualization strategy throughout the system and across the entire SoC. As implemented in the I6400, this includes support for up to 15 secure/non-secure guests. Next-generation security: As part of Imagination’s unified security strategy, designed to address the privacy and security needs of evolving and emerging connected applications, the I6400 core is optimized to support multiple independent security contexts and multiple independent execution domains. This much enhanced security capability leverages technology from Imagination and its ecosystem partners and can encompass other critical components of an SoC. The solution scales to support secure content delivery, secure payments, identity protection and more across multiple applications and content sources. Advanced power management: With PowerGearing(TM) for MIPS, the I6400 features advanced power management capabilities. This includes the ability to provide a dedicated clock and voltage level to each core in a heterogeneous cluster, while maintaining coherency across CPUs so that sleeping cores only need to wake when needed. Efficient FPU: The proven hardware Floating Point Unit (FPU) in the I6400 supports both single and double precision capabilities relevant to general computing as well as improved control systems processing.

Show Spotlight Will Be On Smartwatches With Better Looks And Connectivity | Pcworld

Samsung has now announced five smartwatches in 12 monthsthe first model, the Galaxy Gear, was launched at IFA last year. The companys aim is clearly to consolidate its leading market position in smartwatches, particularly given relentless rumors about Apples possible entry into the wearables market, research company CCS Insight wrote in its IFA preview. The tactic is similar to what Samsung has done in the pasttry out a number of different ideas and see what sticks. Given this approach, its somewhat surprising the company hasnt put out a smartwatch with a round face, which LG and Motorola Mobility are expected to do soon. Motorolas round Moto 360 has been a long time coming. It was announced along with Android Wear in March and will finally be introduced this week. Motorola has promised the smartwatch would ship in the summer and since its already September the company has to deliver in the next few weeks to fulfill that pledge. The Moto 360 is also a good looking device and is expected to have a 1.5-inch screen, be water and dust resistant, and have an integrated heart-rate monitor. It will compete with LGs Android Wear-based G Watch R, which has a 1.3-inch screen and is powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. It has 4GB of integrated storage, 512MB of RAM and a 410mAh battery. It too has a heart-rate monitor and is water and dust resistant.